Traineeships with the heart

In December we received six students from the La Salle Spanish school who chose Messina for a training internship as social care workers and an pharmacist. Assistance to the elderly or disabled patient is strongly felt in the city, which is home to many nursing homes and hospitals. The guys…

Autumn in messina

From September to November 2017, we welcomed 9 young trainees who chose Messina to complete their extra school education. Some of them are young new graduates who have perfected their studies in the field of research and biotechnology or completed their training in teaching in primary school or in advocacy….

Paula during her internship in Sicily

From the last August to November we have hosted a spanish trainee, Paula Rivas. She had the opportunity to develop her placement in an online regional newspaper, “Messina Oggi” in which she could learn and acquire experience in her professional field, journalism. She also had the opportunity to travel around…

Daniel’s experience as an electrician in Messina

From May to June, the student at La Salle school de Arcos de la Frontera (Spain), Daniel Alaguero, completed an 8-week internship in Messina with the help of Enjoy Sicily. Daniel is a very young student who studies to become an electrician. Enjoy Sicily thought for him, an internship at…

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