Educational and inclusive debates for active citizenship

The essence of active citizenship is based on the possession of specific skills: taking to heart the problems of one’s own time and territory, informing oneself by choosing reliable and trustworthy sources, distinguishing facts from opinions, reading, interpreting and using data and witnesses to support one’s own theses, constructing well-founded arguments, politely refuting the theses of one’s opponent without attacking him/her, expressing oneself using accurate and precise vocabulary and correct syntax, always maintaining respect for the interlocutor. Debate, which in many countries of the world has the status of a true sporting discipline, with its competitions and champions, when used as a methodology for active learning, proves to be a great ally for education for citizenship and a powerful means of disseminating the values that must underpin its exercise.
In addition to this, the debate methodology indirectly fosters a profound understanding of the topics it deals with, as it allows them to be investigated with accuracy and a critical spirit in all their facets. It also enables the acquisition of numerous transversal competences and soft skills. It proves to be an inclusive teaching methodology: it guarantees the full participation of everyone, through the definition of different roles, developing the students’ potential, in an atmosphere of play and challenge and in a climate that always recalls teamwork.
The course provides all the tools for practising debate as a teaching methodology for active learning.

Target audience
Primary School, Lower Secondary School and Secondary School teachers

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