This project born in 2019 from the idea of the Polish association Strefa Spotkan in collaboration with the Spanish association Universal Mobility and, for Italy, Enjoy Sicily, involved more than 50 young people and adults in a unique cultural and linguistic exchange. genre as he has skilfully mixed informal and non-formal methodologies with some classroom activities with professors and trainers.

Initially the project was meant for non-formal adult learning, but with the advent of the pandemic, we had to rethink and reprogram most of the initial idea. So we have enclosed all the activities within this year 2021 and we also involved young people as the adults we initially involved could be subject to risk. The pandemic and the subsequent containment rules gave us a hard time but in the end we did it and great. We concluded the last TPM in October in Messina, the headquarters of Enjoy Sicily.

Enjoy Sicily involved the students, former students and professors of Antonello assisted by their principal Prof. Laura Tringali, as the project is part of a broader project to improve transversal skills and orientation path.


Kean Aquiatan (V AT) -Roberta Bonanno-Desiré Arrigo (IV AT) 

Josh De sagun-Arbes Francine- Chiara Cabanig-Hence Ulandai (III AT) 

Lucy Amboy Balacanao Ammanda 

Arrigo Desiré-Roberta Bonanno-Federica-Sturiale- Buta Mariacristina (IV AT) 

Daniela Maglig-Giorgia Crupi-Arena Rosemary-Chiara Cabanig-Giulia Stumiolo (III AT) 

Angelo Berania-Mary Carpio-Julie Pablo-Martina Pablo (IV AT) 

Coro Mary -Pedraza Richelle-Martina Pablo (IV AT). 

Below the video of the trip to Messina

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