united against excluision

Bridging Generations with the European Solidarity Corps

In the heart of Sicily, the "United against exclusions" initiative stands as a beacon of community engagement, masterminded by five dedicated European Solidarity Corps volunteers. Their mission? To foster a vibrant community space in Sicily where both the young and the elderly can connect, learn, and grow. Recognizing the challenges of school dropouts and the isolation of the elderly in Messina, these young visionaries from the ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE ENJOY SICILY crafted a unique open-air community center. Here, diverse activities, from English courses to yoga sessions and aromatic plant cultivation, bridge generational gaps and promote lifelong learning. But it's not just about events; it's a transformative experience. Young individuals find purpose, while the elderly rediscover community. As the project's impact resonates, it's gaining recognition, with mentions across digital platforms and accolades from local authorities. Generously co-financed by the European Solidarity Corps, "United against exclusions" symbolizes the essence of community spirit and the potential of youth-driven initiatives. Dive into this inspiring journey and discover the power of community in Sicily

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