EmpowHerment Lab

EmpowHERment Lab is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ program aimed at providing a digital toolkit to women across Europe. The objective is to help them develop and/or enhance their digital competencies, thereby influencing and solidifying their professional profiles, understanding the responsibilities and obligations of having an online presence, and ultimately ensuring greater access to information, knowledge, and opportunities.

Whether you’re establishing your digital footprint for the first time or learning about digital marketing and personal branding, the fact is that digital skills matter!

If accessing better job opportunities or embarking on entrepreneurship is on your horizon, then the EmpowHERment course is your first (and second) step in the right direction. The initial aspect to understand is the motivation behind The EMPOWHERMENT LAB project. Our partnership is driven to contribute meaningfully, leveraging its experience in adult education and training to offer an innovative proposal with a European dimension. We aspire to provide exciting training opportunities to women with few qualifications so that by 2025, they will not face any barriers due to a lack of digital skills. This way, they can reinvent themselves and create a new professional profile. Additionally, teachers and educators working in adult education (the second target group) need to improve and acquire new skills to adapt to the imminent digital transformation of education.

Empowerment through digital competencies:

Developed by our Dutch partner, Lava Legato, this module will provide answers to your initial doubts regarding the start of your digital journey. Additionally, we will assist you in identifying the roots of your true motivations and perhaps uncover new ones that you may not have known existed! Fundamentals of building your digital footprint and personal brand: Brought to you by our Spanish and Croatian partners (POUC and Asociación Building Bridges), here you will find a guide to get you from A to Z in establishing an objective digital footprint built to serve your needs and goals. If Personal Branding is what seems most daunting to you, you will find some VERY useful tools and tips in this module! SEO/SEM: Marketing is the way to go for many of your goals since what is not visible will simply not be seen. Here, our German partners will guide you through the concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to arm you with tools and knowledge to help you excel! Content Marketing: From understanding what it is to developing your own content marketing strategy, our Slovenian partners have developed a comprehensive guide. Whether it is aimed at establishing your own business or simply letting employers really see what you’re about, this module will help you make your content stand out! Online Marketing: Ready to take it a step further? Then get ready to really dive into real-world notions and applications behind the concept of Online Marketing and what it really entails, as developed by our Italian partners.Choose what you need The EmpowHERment Lab course has been developed as a non-linear course. So, whether you are a beginner or upskilling, you choose where you start. The goal is that by the end of this course, you will feel confident and will be armed with the skills you need to begin positioning yourself as either a star candidate for your desired job or are ready to venture out and do your own thing!