The youth exchange “Make yourself more employable 2021” was one of the best experiences of our life. As the name says, we went to Poland for a week with the goal of getting valuable skills to enter the job market. Other teams from all across Europe joined the project. We had the possibility to come across several different cultures and backgrounds, which was with no doubt the most exciting side of the project. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand behaviours and ideas without knowing the history of a country. This allowed us to appreciate our differences and gave us a different perspective on many aspects of life. Italians kick the air when they talk, don’t they? We took part in many workshops and activities about contrasting procrastination, time management and technical tools. The activities were so various that it was impossible to not enjoy the day. Our instructors, Mateus and Aneta, were really professional and friendly at the same time. Their attitude gave us the motivation to follow all the activities. Anyway, we all agree that we didn’t have enough time to rest between the activities. A special mention to Syuzanna, which documented all the stages of the project. We hope this activities will continue to broaden youth horizons and though respect the differences which characterize us.

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