We are happy to share with you an update on one of the projects we are a part of: RURAL PLUS! 

Enjoy Sicily is one of the project partners, the other ones being Ingalicia (Spain), GDR Comarca de Lugo (Spain), Nouseva Rannikkoseutu (Finland), University of Cyprus (Cyprus) and Instituto Pedro Nunez (Portugal). Together we are working on improving the situation of people living in rural areas, especially unemployed and in risk of social exclusion, by improving skills and competences of potential entrepreneurs, propagating entrepreneural culture and self-employment, and providing knowledge necessary to start a business. Along with those principal goals, the project also aims to stimulate the local communities by organizing debates and cooperating with local volunteers. 

There was a lot going on in the RURAL PLUS project during the last months. At the beginning of May there was an online meeting, during which we have discussed organization of the debates on the local level and the conduction of research among the target groups. Enjoy Sicily spread the research forms among the local community and gathered the results at the beginning of June. We have also organized two debates in May: one in IIS Antonello Messina, and another one during the ESN meeting. 

In June we took part in another online meeting, where we discussed an important segment of RURAL PLUS: creation of the online  infographics about the most important EU funding opportunities and projects. We have worked on the preparation of those interactive materials through the whole summer, in cooperation with other partners. 

At the end of August there was another online meeting, dedicated primarily to the organizaiton of our next transnational project meeting in Cyprus! The TPM in Cyprus took place at the end of September in Nicosia, where we were hosted by our partner: the University of Cyprus. During that meeting all the partners recorded promotional videos about the infographics and all the interactive material we have created. Enjoy Sicily representatives created a video about Erasmus+ possibilities. Apart of shooting videos, we have also discussed further steps of the project: mainly the preparation of training contents to improve the entrepreneural skills among the target group of RURAL PLUS. 

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